Reacting to Angular 2

For the past couple of years Angular has been our framework of choice for developing SPA products. We’ve had a good run and I have no regrets in choosing Angular at the time. It was a great fit and allowed us to be productive and agile while maintaining a good SPA experience.

Since then many things have happened that made me wary of relying on a monolith like Angular for long term projects especially with some pretty questionable decisions that were made in regards to Angular 2 and the seemingly fast pace at which the Angular Team seems to be diverting resources to Angular 2 at the expense of Angular 1 and the massive community and ecosystem of apps in the wild that depend on it.

Situation isn’t made any better by the fact that, while I continue to hear otherwise, migrating large apps from Angular 1 to Angular 2 is(will be) far from trivial. It’s an uncomfortable realisation, but there it is.